4 reasons to try a Spin Class

4 reasons to try a Spin Class


If you’re looking to boost your cardio but are sick of the monotonous repetition of the treadmill, why not try a spin class?

A favourite on gym timetables around the world, spin involves an intense cardio workout on a stationary bike to music. Here’s 4 great reasons to try a spin class today:

1. Get fit fast

The class follows an interval program, meaning you will burn more fat and improve your fitness, fast!

2. It’s low impact

One of the best parts of spin is that it is low impact, meaning you can give yourself an intense workout without placing any stress on your joints. Also, because you’re in control of your machine, you can choose the level of resistance suited to your fitness.

3. Get motivated

If you enjoy the cardio benefits of stationary bikes, then you’ll love spin because the loud music and lively instructors will keep you motivated and energised.

4. Burn fat

Spin has the potential to burn over 500 calories in a 40-minute session, do we need to say more?

Check out your local gym for a spin class near you and get pedaling!