30+ Weird Room Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

30+ Weird Room Designs That Will Blow Your Mind


Interior Design is usually the standard room and comes to life with the interior decor, but what if you start out with an unusual room design? Today we’ll be taking a look at some very weird room designs, each have their own view, decor, furniture and location and are all special in their own way! With walls made out of wooden sticks, rainbow tiles or even some luxurious cinema rooms. These 31 Weird Room Designs That Will Blow Your Mind!

01. You could read a book… or you could look out over a valley.

02. Binge watching Netflix just got a whole lot better.

03. Who needs another wall when you have the ocean?

04. I hope you like wood.

05. This house makes a Crate & Barrel feel jealous.
06. Now you can own a rainbow and put it on your wall.

07. Go for a swim or take a nap – it’s your choice. (Although this one seems a little dangerous.)

08. The ultimate log cabin den.

09. Why hello, beautiful night sky.

10. We need more pillows, stat.

11. Every dinner party should be in a room that looks like this.

12. There’s cozy… and then there’s THIS room.

13. This is the ultimate nook, you can literally use it for everything.

14. If you love movies or television, THIS room is for you.
15. I love the smell of books… and I ADORE this room. A bookworm’s paradise!

16. If you don’t mind your bedroom getting a little messy, this convenient shower is for you.

17. This is the best hangout spot for you and your friends and family.

18. It would be impossible to have a bad evening in a comfy room like this.

19. Open floor plans are cool…

20. But outdoor floor plans are even cooler.

21. Just looking at this room makes me feel relaxed.

22. Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon would be a dream here.

23. Things could get a little wild in this living room…

24. Be at one with Mother Nature in this open room.

25. Wake up, use the WATERSLIDE in the closet. Your day would officially be awesome.

26. This is a nook to end all nooks. You could take the perfect nap here.

27. Cool summer nights would look so much better from a glass room like this one.

28. It would be impossible to pass through this room and not stop to read.

29. Entertaining would be a breeze in this enormous, open room.

30. Why not sip your coffee in the mountains of Colombia?

31. Small rooms can be cool, too. Wow.

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