20 Pairs of best 2017 round sunglasses for women

20 Pairs of best 2017 round sunglasses for women


In 2017, round sunglasses are going to be a hot trend. They’re retro, extremely cute, and perfectly finish off your favorite fashion looks without the extra need for accessorizing. They’re laid back frames, too, so too much makeup might take things over the top, so you won’t have to worry about beautifying too much when you toss these on! To prepare you for the new year, here is a list of some great women’s round sunglasses for 2017 (the shades in the featured image are Ray Ban round sunglasses).

Who Should Wear Round Sunglasses?

Round sunglasses best flatter women with square faces, as they break the sharp angles of the face, while women with round face shapes are advised to avoid wearing round sunglasses. Those with oblong and heart-shaped faces will also look good wearing round-framed sunglasses, and, of course, women with oval face shapes are the luckiest ones, as they can wear practically any type of frame, rounded sunglasses included.

Follow this article to discover what other types of sunglasses frames flatter your face shape!

1. Rose & Gold Round Sunglasses

These chic 2017 round sunglasses are part of Linda Farrow’s collaboration with Dries Van Noten. The glasses are very reminiscent of classic round sunglasses, down to the frame and color, and are perfectly styled as the final accessory you’ll need to finish off your looks year round; they’re the perfect balance between simple and fabulous. You can find these 2017 designer sunglasses at Moda Operandi.

2. Totally Retro Round Sunglasses

Especially with the print of the frames, these 2017 round sunglasses are retro to a T. The tortoiseshell frames are already a winning retro design, and Christopher Kane decided to just go all out and recreate the classic round sunglasses by bringing it all together with the print. The width of the frames just adds even more character to them! You can find these from MyTheresa.com.

3. Wired Up Round Sunglasses

These Yohji Yamamoto women’s round sunglasses for 2017 are taking a more modern approach to the inherently retro style. The lenses are slightly mirrored with a grey tint – the wire was matte, where it otherwise would have been expected to be metallic. That’s what makes these round sunglasses such a cool look for 2017. They are available from Luisaviaroma.com.

4. Oversized Round Sunglasses

Linda Farrow also created these large caged round sunglasses; a style like this is easy to sink into, because oversized sunglasses have always been in style, just in different shapes. This style is a great addition to a mod look, especially with your hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail to top things off. The light blue frames are especially cute, and the caged metal temple design brings in a cool accent that’s an accessory in and of itself. Find them at MatchesFashion.com.

5. Semi-Framed Round Sunglasses

These modern, mirrored women’s round sunglasses for 2017 will have you looking cool and chic. Designed by Illesteva, they are an Italian design with thin gold frames outlining the lenses, with a thicker black frame encompassing the upper half. All this comes together to create these cool, deconstructed round sunglasses that will keep you on trend in a modern way. You can snag a pair from Net-a-Porter.

6. Steampunk Goggle Round Sunglasses

A mix between steampunk goggles and round sunglasses, this pair of 2017 round sunglasses is really out-there; it’s perfect for your inner risk-taker, especially with the rosy colors all over the glasses. The style is complete all the way down to binders made of star-embossed leather coming back to create the goggle image. Buy these Givenchy designs from Nordrstrom.

7. Simply Round Sunglasses

You can’t get much more basic than these Victoria Beckham frames. They feature thin metal frames with simplicity being the most notable feature. The lenses totally mirror UV rays, so they’re simple, chic, and practical for daily use. With a pop of color at the lip, you won’t need any more bells and whistles either, despite the 2017 sunglasses being so simple. Buy them from FORWARD!

8. Smooth White and Silver Round Sunglasses

Max Mara is always right on top of new trends, and these 2017 round sunglasses are no exception. The perfectly round frames being in a white is a rather striking feature, among many darker-colored sunglasses that are trending. They display a masterful balance between minimalism and embellishment, with the old-fashioned thin metal wire coming across atop the bridge of the nose. They are available from MatchesFashion.com.

9. Gold-Lensed Round Sunglasses

Many of our 2017 round sunglasses looks are focused on frame color or keep colors simple when dealing with thin frames – these gold lenses are actually rather unique for women’s round sunglasses for 2017 in that way. Spektre has created these exceptionally minimal sunglasses, using only a thin wire across the top of the nose bridge to match the sides. Find them from Moda Operandi.

10. Cat-Eyed Round Sunglasses

The more prominent frame of these 2017 sunglasses is totally round, but the less noticeable, metal frame beside it is styled in the shape of a minor cat eye. Created by Bottega Veneta, these shades are meant to be lightweight while providing total protection from UV rays. Those two perks come on top of the great round sunglasses trend mixed with the ever-stylish cat-eyed glasses. You can’t go wrong with these sunglasses from MyTheresa.com.

11. Black Accented Round Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses are still a trending eyewear trend for 2017, so adding them on top of this new round sunglasses trend is already a winning combo; adding this in with intriguing styling like the black accents of these L.G.R. shades makes them beyond fabulous. You can try out this harder look by pairing these with a moto-jacket over your favorite look. Buy a pair from Luisaviaroma.com.

12. Royal Blue-Purple Round Sunglasses

With so many 2017 round sunglasses focusing on standard shades, seeing a striking color pop up as a trending look is especially exciting, especially when they come from Roberto Cavalli. This blue-purple shade is beautiful and elegant, and will act as the perfect pop of color to your best looks comprised of neutral colors. The thin metal, crystal-embossed frames around the lenses create an interesting shape as well, making them especially elegant. Buy them from Saks Fifth Avenue!

13. Classic Round Sunglasses

These foggy champagne 2017 sunglasses are inherently classic and retro, with a semi-matte finish to the lenses. The simple, thin metal frames and muddled color make them easy to pop on with a natural lip and go out the door. Designed by Elizabeth & James, you can buy a pair of these 2017 round sunglasses from Shopbop.

14. Chic Tortoiseshell Round Sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Prada sunglasses for 2017.These shades are perfectly retro with tortoiseshell frames and mirrored lenses. The wires above the nose are almost reminiscent of aviators, so you’ll be looking cool with these 2017 sunglasses. Using the full-scale pattern on the thin frames was also a chic choice, adding the perfect final touch beside the golden metal. You can find these on Net-a-Porter.

15. Pink-Lensed Round Sunglasses

Mixing together a deep pink and gold is always a beautiful combo, so it’s almost a wonder more designers don’t try it out on sunglasses. But regardless, a chic pair of women’s round sunglasses for 2017 comes from Dolce & Gabbana; matte pink lenses are framed by a light gold metal and accented by a milky pink temple piece. Buy a pair from Nordstrom!

16. Protective Double-Framed Round Sunglasses

It’s always such a huge bonus when sunglasses offer protection on top of being super fabulous. In this case, these 2017 round sunglasses by Karen Walker are not only 100% protective from UV rays, but also are scratch resistant. But above all, they are super cute. The double metal frame makes for an interesting illusion circling the dark-tinted lenses. You can pick up a pair from MatchesFashion.com.

17. Icy Metallic Round Sunglasses

These super stylish 2017 round sunglasses are perfect for dressing up or down, especially since they’re so simple. The metal frame these shades feature is floating, and the only key identifying feature is the marbled tips; other than that, the icy metal is especially fabulous with an edge, so you’ll be looking cool wherever you go. Buy a pair of these Prada Phantos sunglasses from Harrods!

18. Blue Hexagonal-Round Sunglasses

It’s hard to resist the temptation of picking up some new Ray-Bans every now and again, and now is the perfect excuse to do so! These light blue lenses are totally chic, and on top of that you know you’re getting some great quality frames; pair that with the perfect shade of gold, and you get these 2017 sunglasses! These are rounded-hexagonal sunglasses, so you’re getting more lines and angles than with the others in this list, but you can pick up a pair from Neiman Marcus.

19. Wire-Framed Round Sunglasses

These stunning women’s round glasses for 2017 come with dark grey or peach frames; either color is characterized by the thin wire frames that encircle the exterior. That makes for an interesting illusion around the shades, while remaining totally trendy and wearable, all with a must-have gradient matching each respective color working across the lenses. You can check out these Chloé round sunglasses from Bloomingdales.

20. Oversized Classic Round Sunglasses

Finally, these shades are perfectly tinted with especially large frames. By Linda Farrow, these designer sunglasses are bold, retro, and still modern – the amber-toned frames work toward each one of these concepts. The bright gold metal acts as a contrast against the frames and lenses as well. You can find these beautiful 2017 round sunglasses on Shopbop.