15 Creative Round Stepping Paths That Will Make Your Garden Beautiful And...

15 Creative Round Stepping Paths That Will Make Your Garden Beautiful And Remarkable


Paths are necessary to get from place to place in the yard or garden without having to step on the grass, but they can also be used as a very playful and creative decoration for your yard or garden. If you need a pathway in the garden, why don’t you make one that is eye catching and an amazing decorative detail? The circular pavers may be the real choice for achieving this effect. You can use stones as pavers, river rocks or bigger wood slices for this purpose. This will make possible the creation of a playful and attractive patterned path across the yard. Along with all the plants and flowers in the garden such a pathway can make your garden become your dream place. If you need some inspiration how to make one in your garden take a look at the following 15 creative round stepping paths that will make your garden beautiful and remarkable.

If you decide to use smaller river rocks arrange them in circle for creating each paver and you’ll get even more beautiful mosaic round stepping path.

Place the round pavers where you want them to sit, dig a hole slightly more shallow than the actual height, stick each paver in place and then ensure they fit well by adding sand in any wobbly space until the paver sits nearly flush with the ground. You can also round the pavers with gravel or smaller stones and add some lighting on the both sides to have a nice garden effect at night.

River rocks, stones, or even wood slices are beautiful natural accents and great natural building and decorating materials that can add a special feeling to your patio or your backyard.

What is even more important you don’t have to spend some huge amount of money for this project, because all these are natural materials. The only thing you’ll need is inspirational idea how to include this path design in the whole garden look and how to make one perfect place where you would love to spend your free time and a place that will deceive the eyes of the passersby.

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