10 dangerous brain damaging habits to stop immediately

10 dangerous brain damaging habits to stop immediately


One of the largest organs in your body that plays an important role of your being is your brain. Your brain is the main controller for every function your organs do and every move your body make. Your brain is also a data center in your life as well as the leader of your body. It stores all the information you need and responsible for everything you do.

The brain is a delicate organ so your need to take care of it very carefully. Recently, World Health Organization released something that considered as top 10 brain damaging habits which is pretty common among many people nowadays.

Take a look at the list below and see for yourself if you actually do some brain damaging habits too.

1.Skipping Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There’s also a saying stating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like pauper. Yet, many of us still love skipping their breakfast. One thing about breakfast that you really need to keep in mind is that people who skip breakfast will have lower blood sugar level. When you sleep for at least seven hours at night, your body does not consume anything, so if you wake up the next morning and skip your breakfast, you will make your brain suffer from insufficient nutrients. If this habit continue for a long period of time, it may lead to brain degeneration.

2.Eating Too Much

The strange thing about many people these days is their irregular dietary habit. Some people can skip their breakfast in the morning but then eating as much as they can at lunch or dinner. So, the problem with overeating does not stop at the feeling of bloating right after or their impact to weight gain. What’s worse is this habit may harden the brain arteries and lead to decrease mental power.


Everyone must have known that there is a long list of adverse impact of smoking to our body. Still, smoking seems tempting to some people. Maybe if they know that smoking can cause multiple brain shrinkage, they will try not to touch those tobacco again. So do yourself a favor to minimize the risk of developing Alzheimer and other dementia-related disease by staying away from the smoking habit.

4.Consuming Too Much Sugar

The dangers of sugar may not be a new information for many people. Most of us might also already aware that sugar is hidden in almost everything we eat. If you can reduce your consumption of sugar to the lowest level possible, you will gain more health benefits that you could even thought. Not sure about this yet? Let’s see.. Actually consuming sugar in high amount can interfere the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and protein. If it happen, your body will suffer from malnutrition and your brain development will get disrupted. You may be starving but you don’t even know it!

5.Pollution of the Air

This might be the only habit that is a bit hard to solve by ourselves. But actually, you can still do something about this by suing face mask all the time.  This may sound a bit troublesome, but your brain needs a huge amount of oxygen to be able to function properly and constantly inhaling pollution can decrease the oxygen supply to your body. If it happen continually, you could suffer a decrease in brain efficiency.

6.Lack of Sleep

If your body suffer from sleep deprivation for a long period of time, your brain cells may be death. You need your brain to function properly for as long as it can, so get enough sleep to your brain a chance to rest and repair itself. Your brain surely needs it after a long and stressful day.

7.Covering Head While Sleeping

This one might be surprising for many people. But this habit is linked with habit #5. Covering your head while sleeping will reduce your oxygen intake at night. You may actually suffer from light-headed or air deprived without realize it since you’re asleep. Besides, there’s also a good chance that you inhale too much carbon dioxide. So do your brain a favor and keep the covers off your face.

8.Forcing Your Brain to Work During Illness

Some people are just so driven and determine to succeed that they keep working even when they’re sick. Though it is a good thing to be highly motivated and persistent about reaching your dreams, you still need to hear what your body trying to tell you. When you sick, your body is sending a signal to tell you that you need to slow down and do something about your current life style. And of course, your brain also need a break. If you keep working even during illness, it could damage your brain and decrease its effectiveness.

9.Rarely Stimulating Your Brain

If you don’t stimulate your brain regularly with new information and process new thought, it will shrink. The process of thinking is very powerful. When you think, your brain will create new pathways. Your brain has neuroplasticity that ensure your brain does not stay the same forever – it will either create new pathways and improvement in your mind or shrink due to lack stimulation.

10.Rarely Talking

Talking may sound like a very simple thing, but actually it helps your brain to grow and develop. You can strengthen your brain and increase its efficiency by taking part in an intellectual conversation regularly.

Your brain is truly amazing and your definitely have to take care of it very carefully. Stay away from all the above 10 brain – damaging habit to keep brain healthy and strong for your entire life.

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